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The Elephant Tree Mark Fallon Is An Overworked Detective Investigating A Spate Of Attacks At A String Of High Profile City Centre Nightclubs Scott Is A DejectedYear Old Struggling To Make Ends Meet Working For His Brother And Supplementing His Income With A Small Scale Drug Dealing Operation Angela Is An AttractiveYear Old, Raised By Her Father, A Career Criminal And Small Time Drug Dealer Who Supplies Scott With Cannabis This Is A Chilling Tale Spanning A Few Months In The Lives Of Scott And Angela, Where Realizations About The Present Combine With Shocking Revelations From The Past Leading To An Apocalyptic Climax Where They No Longer Know Whom They Can Trust

About the Author: R.D. Ronald

An award winning transgressive crime novelist whatever that means for All and None Author of The Elephant Tree and The Zombie Room Now writing books while getting older and miserable.Twitter RDRonaldauthorFacebook

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    Criminological Thriller at its best One of the books I would recommend to thriller fans Plot Scott, a drug dealer Angela is a drug dealer s daughter They want to get out of this bad bad world.Scott and Angela give you a great time telling their versions.In one way, I enjoyed knowing about the routine of people involved with drug business It was entertaining and new for my taste Scott gets an opportunity to come out

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    When I was first offered The Elephant Tree for review, I didn t quite know what to think I really liked the cover and I thought it might be interesting but that s about it Then I started reading and it s mostly about drug dealers and that s not really up my alley given my prudish upbringing.Turns out, I m really glad I read it.The Elephant Tree is Ronald s debut and I have to say I m really impressed That s not to say this

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    The Elephant Tree is a story of a man trying to escape from his own tedious life, initially seeming unconcerned by committing illegal acts, but when presented with the consequences and potential repercussions of some serious circumstances, forced to question who he is and what he really believes in A pretty dark and challenging book, but equally as exciting and rewarding.The book itself is semi lengthy, easy to read and cleverly

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    My only fault with this book is that I simply didn t want to put it down in between sittings, which was a tad problematic at bedtime,it wasn t a book I had chosen myself to read and probably wouldn t have if it hadn t been recommended to me.I can honestly say it has set the bar for my future expectations it has all the aspects I crave from a book, good characterisation, with a punchy storyline and disappointment of the last page perfectio

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    Easy read full of action However, multiple spelling errors, inconsistencies and a poor ending made this story forgettable.

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    it s amazing, i loved every page

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    Small time drug dealer with some ambition and a heart of gold too corny , Scott, gets himself and those around him into a bit of a rough spot think blunt force trauma, terminal gunshot wounds, and extreme emotional distress when job offers start to meet up with that aforementioned, but limited ambition Add a mysterious family history, a love interest that makes Scott s situation complicated, and a cast of other, seemingly half decent and some decidedly not dece

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    How to review this book.entertaining content you will go through this book within days but it s like junkfood and not coming to any great awe some moments.Scotts is our main character He s a small time drug dealer with his friend Neil They have their regular group of druggies that they know and associate with Life is good, not great but good Although Scott has been feeling for a while he needs a change.Scott has a strained relationship with his only brother After his pa

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    overated.If you were young,inexperienced,and not very worldly you would like this book It made me laugh.Is this Young Adult Fiction Be careful, there are cannabis sellers out there

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    The Elephant Tree was a very compelling book from start to end It was fast paced I couldn t wait to see what happens next Yet this book is different from all the thrillers I have read because it offers than just adrenaline rush The author keeps you intrigued through the various twists and turns.Despite the setting being the world of drug dealers and criminals, you can t help but sympathize with the characters Scott and Angela were very likeable characters I genuinely felt for them.Bot

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